How It Works

We use a network of high end agencies around the world to rent the property typically for between one and four weeks per visit.

We contact you when a short term vacation rental request is received by our staff and confirm the availability of your property.

Visitors are high end professionals, owners of businesses, Doctors, Lawyers, etc...

The Visitor will typically come in a family group of between 6-12 family members depending on the size of the home. Most times the group will contain 2-3 children.

We hold a $5000 deposit against loss or damage.

Prior to arrival we take a photographic inventory of all the rooms in the home (approx 200 photos). We provide this to you in the form of a DVD.

Upon departure and after cleaning we take another set of photos of the home and provide them to you for verification.

We use your linens or if not available we will supply linen for the home. In the event that we use the linen of the home then we have all items cleaned and replaced as they were upon arrival.

Depending on the agency used we generate a contract with any additional items you may desire in the form of a House rules addendum.